Articles in press have been peer-reviewed and accepted, which are not yet assigned to volumes /issues, but are citable by Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
Application of MRV in experimental investigation of flow field characteristics in a coolant channel within a fuel assembly
WANG Zirui, ZHANG Ke, DUAN Jingtian, WU Junmei, LAN Zhike
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230167
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Multi-objective optimization of flow characteristics in a dual-carrier oxidation catalyst for diesel engines
JIA Dewen, CHAI Xin
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230164
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Suppressed strong reflection surface friction measurement by using shear sensitive liquid in hypersonic flow
Chen Yongfu, Cao Changqiang, Wen Shuai, Liu Chunfeng, Ji Feng
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230154
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Effects of the spatial resolution of planar PIV on measured turbulence multi-point statistics
GONG Xuechun, WANG Feng, XI Hengdong, XU Haitao
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20240002
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Experimental technique in wind tunnel for mass injection of ablative gas flow
Liang Bin, Zhao Junbo, Fu Zengliang, Zhou Jiajian, Zhou Ping
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230013
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Experimental study on stall characteristics of wing sections with leading-edge protuberances inspired by humpback whale flipper
SHI Dewei, CHEN Letian, FAN Ziye, JIANG Nan, ZUO Zhigang, TANG Zhanqi
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230165
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Mach 6 boundary layer transition experiment on windward side of a HyTRV model
TU Guohua, WANG Ao, LIU Shuyi, HUANG Ganglei, DUAN Maochang, XU Yang, CHEN Jianqiang
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20240013
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Experimental study on flow and heat transfer characteristics of Single-Phase Immersion Liquid Cooling systems
XU Shijie, HUANG Yongping, ZHANG Chengbin
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20240017
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Study on calibration of effective test time in high enthalpy shock tunnel
KONG Xiaoping, CHEN Wei, LUO Shichao, LYU Minglei, Qu Tao, WU Liyin
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230087
Abstract HTML PDF
The experimental investigation on the effects of the splitter plate on the evolution of turbulent structures in flow around a circular cylinder
ZHOU Jiankang, QIU Xiang, WANG Bofu, ZHOU Quan, LIU Yulu
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230116
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Characteristics of boundary layer stability of HyTRV model bottom
LIU Shuyi, WANG Ao, DUAN Maochang, XU Yang, HUANG Ganglei, CHEN Jianqiang
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20240014
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Numerical study on turbulent combustion in high Mach number scram-jet engine considering thermal non-equilibrium effect
FENG Hai, JIN Tai, WU Kun
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230158
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The dynamic calibration method of PSP and its characteristics research considering the influence of temperature
LIU Qiang, LI Qiang, WEI Chunhua, YIN Xiwei, JIANG Hailin, LIANG Lei
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230161
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Scaling-law-based decomposition and Reynolds-number effects of wall-bounded turbulent motions
HU Ruifeng
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230152
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Research on static calibration of wind tunnel balances based on improved BP neural network
GAO Mingchuan, MIN Fu, XIE Zhendong, YANG Yanguang
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230149
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Experimental study on the flow pattern and pressure fluctuation characteristics of ventilated cavitating flows around a conical axisymmetric body at high Froude number
LI Han, HAO Liang, ZHANG Mengjie, LIU Taotao, KONG Decai
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230138
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In vitro experimental simulation study of the hemodynamics based on the FDA benchmark model
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230146
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Research on the vortex dynamics of two-dimensional jellyfish-like flapping wings based on particle image velocimetry
WANG Yuanyuan, WANG Chengyue, MANG Shanshan, SHEN Yunian, CHEN Zhihua
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230080
Abstract HTML PDF
Flow field energy analysis of dynamic impinging stream reactor based on modal decomposition
ZHANG Jianwei, LI Zhenhong, DONG Xin, FENG Ying
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230119
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Temperature-difference-based heat-flux sensors and their application in hypervelocity low-density wind tunnel
YANG Kai, WANG Hongyu, ZHU Xinxin, ZHU Tao, CHEN Xi, TAO Bowan, LI Jie
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230140
Abstract HTML PDF
Experimental study on the anisotropy in von Kármán swirling flow system
WANG Feng, ZHANG Yibao, XI Hengdong
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230159
Abstract HTML PDF
Research on FADS technology of diamond-nosed aircraft without stagnation pressure
ZHANG Zongyuan, GU Yunsong, LI Linkai, ZHAO Dongkai
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230125
Abstract HTML PDF
Study on MHz high-speed PIV technique
LU Xintao, ZHAO Hang, SHE Wenxuan, TU Han, GAO Qi, WEI Runjie, ZHANG Fang, Chen Shuang
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230144
Abstract HTML PDF
Effects of Low Temperature and Humidity on Contact Angles of Water Droplets on Superhydrophobic Surfaces
QIU Yue, YANG Yifan, YU Dachuan, ZHU Chunling
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220085
Abstract HTML PDF
Composite drag control and energy flux analysis for wall turbulence
DUAN Pengyu, CHEN Xi
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230126
Abstract HTML PDF
Effect of rectangular nozzle exit aspect ratioon flow field and acoustic field
YU Shuiwang, DU Yongle, CAI JinSheng
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230063
Abstract HTML PDF
Experimental investigation of the spatial distribution of uniform momentum zones in wall-bounded flow
CHENG Xiaoqi, FAN Ziye, TANG Zhanqi, BAI Jianxia, JIANG Nan
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230132
Abstract HTML PDF
The linear control characteristic of the multi-wall passive fluidic thrust vectoring nozzle
WANG Yi, GU Yunsong, ZHOU Yuhang, SHI Nanxing
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230120
Abstract HTML PDF
Numerical simulation of mixing and combustion performance of pulsed injection in a kerosene-fueled scramjet
LIU Guoxiong, LI Lang, JIA Bin
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230113
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Development of transient radiation heat flux sensorfor high enthalpy pulse wind tunnel
LIU Jichun, CHANG Yu, GONG Hongming, TIAN Runyu, MA Ping
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230092
Abstract HTML PDF
Experimental measurement and analysis of inertia force and aerodynamic force in flapping motion of flexible wing
LIN Weiteng, ZHU Bowen, YU Yongliang
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230089
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Study on the morphology and mechanical properties of solid, liquid and gas nanoscopic soft matter in liquid phase
XU Yi, CHENG Yuzhu, WANG Chuan, FU Shuai, JIN Yakang, CHEN Longquan
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230095
Abstract HTML PDF
Time-evolution characteristics of flash radiation of gasified aluminum in aluminum-aluminum hypervelocity impact
DONG Wenpu, DU Xuefei, SHI Anhua, MA Zhaoxia
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230077
Abstract HTML PDF
Research on anti time-varying disturbance control of wind tunnel flow field
LIU Weijie, LING Zhongwei, DENG Xiaoman, YAN Cheng, CHEN Haifeng, XIAO Jin
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230093
Abstract HTML PDF
Cooling and friction reduction performance and mechanism of supersonic film cooling using hydrogen and hydrocarbon
WEI Jianfei, MI Zhenhao, ZHANG Silong, ZUO Jingying, LI Xin, QIN Jiang, BAO Wen
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230114
Abstract HTML PDF
Preliminary experimental study on the crushing length of centrifugal single and double injectors liquid film
KANG Jinxin, TONG Yiheng, HUANG Kejia, GUO Kangkang, FENG Songjiang
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230084
Abstract HTML PDF
Research on stagnation point heat flux measurement methods of the sharp leading edge model in arc-heated wind tunnel test
ZHU Xinxin, WANG Hui, HU Dezhou, HUANG Zhenjun, ZHAO Wenfeng
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230051
Abstract HTML PDF
Progress of research on airfoil trailing edge tonal noiseat low-moderate Reynolds number and its control
LI Yong
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230062
Abstract HTML PDF
Study of liquid spreading and particle size distribution during the preparation of aluminum alloy powder by rotary disc atomization
LI Long, PENG Lei, ZHAO Wei
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230059
Abstract HTML PDF
Aeroelastic correction for nonlinear aerodynamic data in wind tunnel tests
SUN Yuchen, CHENG Pan, YU Jinhai
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20200140
Abstract HTML PDF
Analysis on the aerodynamic noise of the pantograph of high-speed train at 400 km/h
SUN Shu, ZHANG Wenmin, JIA Shangshuai
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230029
Abstract HTML PDF
Development and experimental analysis of circular foil pressure-heat flux gage
ZHU Xinxin, YANG Yuanjian, WANG Hui, LI Zeyu, LUO Yue
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230044
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Experimental study of the mechanism of drag reduction in turbulent boundary layers on the superhydrophobic structured wall with microstructure
LIU Zhaoyang, WANG Xinwei, WANG Xuan, LI Biaohui, WANG Yufei, JIANG Nan
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220016
Abstract HTML PDF
Experimental investigation of turbulence intensity measurement in continuous transonic wind tunnel
ZHU Bo, CHEN Jiming, WU Wei, PEI Haitao
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220034
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Experimental investigation on growth profiles of microalgae with different flow conditions in photo-bioreactors
ZHANG Ting, FENG Aiguo, JIANG Nan, LIU Chunjiang
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220028
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Review of slat noise mechanism and control in high-lift devices
WEI Renke, LIU Yu
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230017
Abstract HTML PDF
Investigation on error correction method of five-holes probes used in flow field with large velocity gradient
XIE Jinwei, GUO Tao, ZHANG Jing, LIU Cunliang
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230009
Abstract HTML PDF
The aerodynamic heating consistency study between CFD and experiment for air-breathing integrated vehicle
ZHANG Xuhui, WANG Zhaowei, YAO Ran
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220041
Abstract HTML PDF
Experimental study on influence of incoming total temperature on hypersonic boundary layer transition
LI Qiang, WAN Bingbing, ZHUANG Yu, ZHAO Jinshan
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220081
Abstract HTML PDF
Experimental investigation on the flow-induced vibration of a riser subjected to the combination of internal liquid flow and external sheared flow
GAO Yue, ZHU Hongjun, HU Jie, XU Bing
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220033
Abstract HTML PDF
Study of splash characteristics and spreading mechanism of liquid droplets impacting walls at low temperature
LEI Jilin, GOU Yao, LIU Yi, LI Jianwei
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220147
Abstract HTML PDF
Application of a calibration-free wavelength modulation spectroscopy in the diagnosis of high-enthalpy flow field
CHEN Wei, WANG Lei, WU Yue
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220099
Abstract HTML PDF
Investigation on full field three-dimensional flow in a multi-pass channel based on Magnetic Resonance Velocimetry (MRV)
DUAN Jingtian, WANG Zirui, ZHANG Ke, LEI Jiang, WU Junmei
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230015
Abstract HTML PDF
Simulation and experimental study of inlet heating simulator for a turbofan engine
LIU Guoyin, YAN Weiqing, CHEN Yanfeng, WU Zhichang, ZHANG Shuai
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220141
Abstract HTML PDF
Experimental study on the effect of rough surface on aerodynamic characteristics and flow field of low Reynolds number airfoil
DENG Haodong, XIA Tianyu, DONG Hao, CHENG Keming
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230032
Abstract HTML PDF
Comparative analysis between thin-film gauges and ALTP sensors in shock tunnel tests
CHEN Suyu, LIU Jichun, YANG Kai, ZHU Tao, ZHU Xinxin, WANG Hui
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220036
Abstract HTML PDF
Experimental study on the effect of microscale flow on nanoparticle diffusion in polymer solutions
QU Hengchao, ZHENG Ping, XUE Chundong, QIN Kairong
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220048
Abstract HTML PDF
Experimental investigations on impingement dynamics and freezing behaviors of a supercooled water droplet onto a cold substrate
YANG Zaili, WANG Jingxin, ZHU Chunling, ZHAO Ning, ZHU Chengxiang
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220051
Abstract HTML PDF
Vehicle aerodynamic sensing technology based on surface distributed pressure
SUN Rong, LI Linkai, GU Yunsong, LUO Shuai
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230008
Abstract HTML PDF
Applicability analysis of Sivells method in nozzle design with high Mach number and low total pressure
LI Zhenqian, SHI Yilei, LIANG Jie, CHEN Aiguo, PI Xingcai, LONG Zhengyi, YANG Yanguang
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220045
Abstract HTML PDF
Experimental study and statistical analysis of flow field pulsation of spiked cylinder
WANG Yifan, QIN Qihao, GUAN Ruiqing, XU Jinglei
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220078
Abstract HTML PDF
Infrared thermogram measurement experiment of hypersonic boundary-layer transition of a lifting body
CHEN Jiufen, XU Yang, JIANG Wanqiu, LING Gang, DUAN Maochang, ZHANG Yifeng
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220030
Abstract HTML PDF
Experimental study on RP3 aviation kerosene oblique detonation engine
HAN Xin, ZHANG Wenshuo, ZHANG Zijian, YUAN Chaokai, HAN Guilai, LIU Yunfeng
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220090
Abstract HTML PDF
Experimental research on the influence of turbulence intensity on boundary layer transition in Mach 3 supersonic flow
LI Meng, ZHAO Huiyong, YUAN Qiang, CHEN Li, MU Jinhe
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220087
Abstract HTML PDF
Study on evaporation heat transfer characteristics of sessile droplets based on temperature measurement of double layer temperature sensitive paint
LI Bingjie, ZHANG Shulei, DONG Xinyu, WANG Teng, MI Menglong, LIU Lu
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220132
Abstract HTML PDF
Visualization experiment of wave dynamics in pressure oscillation tube
GUO Jiangtao, ZHOU Yihui, HU Dapeng, LIU Zhijun, HUANG Zhaofeng, GAO Feng
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220039
Abstract HTML PDF
Measurement investigation of rotational temperature and vibrational temperature in hypersonic wind tunnel rarefied flow field
CHEN Aiguo, TIAN Ying, WANG Jie, YANG Yanguang, LI Zhihui, LI Zhonghua, LI Zhenqian
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20210192
Abstract HTML PDF
Research progress of improving nanofluid fuel performance
GAO Yi, XU Xingxing, ZHAO Zilong, ZHOU Shuai, LIU Peijin, AO Wen
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220119
Abstract HTML PDF
Multi-objective optimization method for light-field multi-spectral pyrometer
SUN Linlin, FANG Hua, SHI Shengxian
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230011
Abstract HTML PDF
Two-dimensional distribution measurement of direct-connect scramjet combustion flow field based on TDLAS multi-absorption lines
XIA Huihui, ZHANG Shunping, YANG Shunhua, KAN Ruifeng, XU Zhenyu, RUAN Jun, YAO Lu, HUANG An
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220103
Abstract HTML PDF
Experimental study on flow characteristics of pitching hydrofoil via stereo shadowgraph
WEI Jinwu, MEI Xiaohan, WANG Qian
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220095
Abstract HTML PDF
Study on electric and thermal characteristics of CO2 arc heater
OU Dongbin, YANG Guoming, ZHU Xingying, WEN Peng, ZHANG Zhi, ZENG Hui
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220065
Abstract HTML PDF
Influence and regulation of magnetic field on wettability of ferrofluid droplet on hydrophobic surface
OUYANG Yi, WEN Mingfu, WANG Yaping, DU Yueqian, WANG Yuqiao, NIU Xiaodong
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220086
Abstract HTML PDF
A brief review on trans/supercritical internal flow and jet
JIANG Guanyu, WEN Haocheng, DAI Wen, SHI Yingchen, WANG Bing
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220083
Abstract HTML PDF
1.2 m large-field focusing schlieren technique
XIE Aimin, XING Yanchang, WANG Min, BU Shaoqing
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220047
Abstract HTML PDF
Research on flow characteristics of underwater passive fluidic thrust vectoring nozzle
FENG Chao, GU Yunsong, FANG Ruishan, ZHOU Yuhang, SHI Nanxing
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220071
Abstract HTML PDF
Roll-yaw control of flying wing aircraft at a high angle of attack based on jet control
GE Zengran, SHI Zhiwei, DONG Yizhang, CHEN Kun, CHEN Jie
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220104
Abstract HTML PDF
Research on the double-inlet test method in low speed wind tunnel
TANG Jianping, SHANG Yinhui, LI Dong, WU Chaojun, XU Binbin, JIN Ling
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220059
Abstract HTML PDF
Experimental investigation on anti-icing mechanism and characteristics of superhydrophobic electrothermal coupled surface
LIU Xinle, LI Wenfeng, XU Dechen, CAI Jinsheng
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220062
Abstract HTML PDF
PLIF investigation on effects of chamber aspect ratio on flow and mixing in cross-shaped mixers
YANG Huan, ZHANG Wei, LI Xianglin, LI Ting, RUAN Lüe, LI Weifeng, LIU Haifeng, WANG Fuchen
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220038
Abstract HTML PDF
Ice cloud parameter identification method in icing wind tunnel based on multimodal fusion
XIE Teng, XIONG Hao, PENG Bo, YI Xian
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220077
Abstract HTML PDF
Experiment of aerodynamic performance of axial compressor at low Reynolds number condition
LEI Pengfei, ZHOU Enmin, HU Yunhua
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220026
Abstract HTML PDF
Crossing shock waves/transitional boundary layers interactions in the double vertical wedges configuration
YI Miaorong, ZHANG Ruoling, YUE Maoxiong, LI Li, REN Hu, ZHAO Huiyong
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220050
Abstract HTML PDF
Improvement, performance test and evaluation for Schmidt–Boelter gage
ZHU Tao, YANG Kai, ZHU Xinxin, XU Yang, WANG Hui
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220029
Abstract HTML PDF
Research on the dynamic derivatives test technology of 4.5 m × 3.5 m low speed wind tunnel
CHEN Hao, BU Chen, TAN Hao, MU Weiqiang, WANG Yanling, SHEN Yanjie, FENG Shuai
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20210131
Abstract HTML PDF
Research on the position control of double-pass schlieren component based on visual feedback
FANG Bihong, LI Ming, HUANG Danping
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220068
Abstract HTML PDF
Research of the continuous scan test method for inlet in low wind tunnel
XU Binbin, LIU Tingshen, WU Chaojun, SUN Fuzhen, WANG Xue, CHEN Yuan
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220032
Abstract HTML PDF
Optimization of total enthalpy measurement method based on the total temperature probe
ZHU Xinxin, LONG Yongsheng, ZHAO Shunhong, YANG Yuanjian, LI Zeyu, ZHAO Wenfeng
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20210149
Abstract HTML PDF
Study on interaction between wing tip vortex and flat tail tip vortex
ZHANG Zeyu, LI Dong, ZHOU Jinxin, LIANG Yong, GENG Zihai
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20210116
Abstract HTML PDF
Flash infrared thermal wave detection of Ice surface edge
GOU Yi, LI Qingying, LIU Senyun
DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220017
Abstract HTML PDF
Mechanism of natural transition delay by hydrogel metamaterial over a body of revolution
LIU Jianhua, ZHANG Bin, XU Lianghao, ZHANG Zhanyang, PAN Chong, ZHANG Yongming, ZHU Wenbo
2024, 38(2): 1-13. DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230136
Abstract HTML PDF
Experimental study on flow structure of transition boundary layer of the underwater vehicles
LIU Yaoyao, PAN Chong, GUO Hui, LIU Jianhua
2024, 38(2): 14-22. DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230107
Abstract HTML PDF
Experimental study of the characteristics of very-large-scale motions in polymer pipe flows
YU Dongfeng, LIU Jianhua, MU Keyu, HAN Dixi, ZHONG Qiang
2024, 38(2): 23-30. DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230105
Abstract HTML PDF
Vortex evolution of the flow around an underwater vehicle in density-stratified flow
ZHANG Bin, ZHOU Genshui, GAO Debao, DU Xinming, FAN Xiaobing, LIU Jianhua
2024, 38(2): 31-39. DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230137
Abstract HTML PDF
Review of flow stability and natural transition of boundary layers on underwater axisymmetric bodies
LIU Jingcheng, LIU Jianhua, ZHANG Yongming
2024, 38(2): 40-51. DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230103
Abstract HTML PDF
Research on localization of noise sources in boundary layer transition at the bow of underwater vehicle
XU Chen, LI Xiaodong, BAI Baohong, HUANG Hongbo, LIU Jianhua
2024, 38(2): 52-58. DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230102
Abstract HTML PDF
Mode characteristics of transition flow in the boundary layer of the revolved body under wire spoiler disturbances
ZHAO Yijia, XIAO Jiabing, LIU Jianhua, LI Xiaojian, ZHAO Ming
2024, 38(2): 59-67. DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230108
Abstract HTML PDF
The experimental study of the comparison between propagation frequency of rotating detonation waves and combustion chamber tangential acoustic frequency
WANG Zhicheng, YAN Yu, FAN Wei, WANG Ke, YANG Bao'e, HU Hongbo
2024, 38(2): 68-77. DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20230076
Abstract HTML PDF
Mechanism study of free-surface polygons formation in rotating fluids
LI Weiyi, WANG Tao, ZHANG Xiannian, LI Xueqin, SUN Zhensheng
2024, 38(2): 78-87. DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220074
Abstract HTML PDF
Research of mast shadow effect on the average wind speed and turbulence intensity by field experiment
2024, 38(2): 88-97. DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220010
Abstract HTML PDF
Wind tunnel force test of fairing separation in hypersonic and high dynamic pressure situation
ZHONG Jun, LIN Jingzhou, XIE Futian, ZHAO Jian
2024, 38(2): 98-106. DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20210194
Abstract HTML PDF
Simulation and fabrication of bionic sharkskin composite micro-nano wind resistance reduction structure
XU Zheng, LIU Ri, WANG Tianhao, CHI Zhendong, WANG Zuobin, LI Li
2024, 38(2): 107-114. DOI: 10.11729/syltlx20220002
Abstract HTML PDF